Insidious 2 is out.. Apparently. But I think you’re caught up too much in your mourning and sadness to remember I was always there. Things change.  People change. You changed.

Liebster Blog Award… wait what?

Soo, apparently, I’ve been ‘nominated’ for this Liebster Blog Award by none other than Bernice. <– And yes. You had to be in Bold, Italic, Underlined and in pink 🙂

Anyway. The rules are as given :

  •  Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you
  • Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award and link them in your post
  • Create 11 questions on your own for them
  • Let them know you’ve nominated them
  • No tag backs

Right, let’s start.

Post 11 random facts about yourself

  1. If I see money lying around, its mine 😀
  2. I game a lot. Like, A L O T. Well. Excessively.
  3. Linealien, and proud. -____-

  4. DISCO CAT PEOPLEEE! 😀 *does disco*
  5. I like snow. Not ice. Just snow. So awesome. 😀
  6. I like huskies too! Like omggg. look. :OO IN THE SNOW.
  7. I can be so random around people I know, but clam up when I don’t know the person.
  8. I’m shy.
  9. I have them abs 😀
  10. I have these long eyelashes that everybody get jealous of. ^^v
  11. (Good at)
    ^Computer(s) geek
    ^                     nerd                       genius

Since I’m that lazy to copy and paste the questions, here are the pink ones. Direct from her blog. I’ll get on to answering then.

Answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you

  1. Idk. Probably, pie. Or.. Chocolate. Or. wait, you know what? CHURRO ^^
  2. I game. I play around with my phone’s notification bar, like dragging it up and down, countless times. Or I just WhatsApp you and wait for a reply 😛 (sad isn’t it?)
  3. Well, to say I don’t badmouth them would be wrong. So yes, I do sometimes badmouth them, or just ignore them totally.
  4. BIEBER. AND REBECCABLACK. saidnooneever.
    There’s.. Jason Chen, MKTO, The Wanted, Maroon 5, and One Direction.
  5. Gaming and procrastinating. Definitely.
  6. WELL. In general. Panda. Puppy. Kitten.
  7. YOU. Just kidding. Don’t kill me. I dislike many things. Too many to list 😛
  8. I’d rather be me.
  9. Gay rights? I think girls and girls are fine. Guys and guys just look very wrong. I’m sorry :c
  10. Probably studied better. But I’d probably procrastinate and game even more.
  11. I don’t have any qualities. I suck ttm. I’m a pessimist. I don’t like that, but I don’t seem to ever change. 😦
    I might be a good listener. Or good at computers. Maybe.

Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award and link them in your post

Well, since I don’t stalk OR have anyone’s blog at the moment. SKIPPED 😀

Create 11 questions on your own for them

No need for that now. 🙂
Not passing the award to anyone else, because I don’t know anybody else. I’m sorryyyy. But at least I posted this. lol.

Pictures taken from Google. I’m a stealer of photos. :X

Till next time! 🙂


3 Months

..Have come to an end. We used to say best friends no matter what. Now? It just seems less than that. I’d never find someone like you. Before this happened, we used to crap about anything and everything. Even if we had nothing to say, we’d still find something to crap about. The days used to be fun. Now we have nothing to say. You don’t start convo, I don’t start convo. We’re just drifting apart. I want the old us back agan. If that would never happen Crying face

Yeah, I still care. I don’t know if you care or not. But I do. I promised. Oh, and you said once you wanted .. for Christmas. Well, no more. You fell in love with your Best Friend? No more now. I had what I wanted, I lost it.

I don’t know if you want us to be like we used to be, best friends no matter what. Well I do. Talk to me sometime after we both recovered and tell me.

Just so you know, that was the best 3 months of my life. Nothing could replace that feeling. Nothing could replace you either. I won’t bother finding anyone else. You the best. Bestfriend and Girlfriend. But relationship’s over. I’d like us to be best friends again. Up to you to decide. Goodbye.


Probably the worst day of my life. We promised, no one would break. Sleepless night full of thoughts. Now I really do have nobody to turn to. Well, I’m gonna keep what i learnt from you.
Me? You or no one. I’d rather go with you. Its your choice now. Yeah, decide again. Please. I can’t take it being alone 😥 Remember Jason Chen’s Best Friend? Yeah. I’m in love, i tried my best throughout the 3 months. Don’t end it now. I’m sure you wouldn’t like this to happen to you..